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1. The Giant Model Association of Australia (GMAA) was formed in 2016 to represent the interests of those who build and fly large model aircraft, of all types, in an environment of informality, camaraderie and safety.

2. The main ethos of the organisation is to foster friendship of likeminded individuals whereby knowledge and experience can be shared freely amongst all whilst enjoying the pleasure of building and flying large models.


3. The GMAA has been initially set up as a proprietary company with an ABN and TFN which will allow the organisation to operate as a business. That said the organisation is formed for the benefit of all members and all proceeds gained from any source shall be used for that purpose only.

4. The GMAA will be run by a core Committee consisting of the following positions:

5. Assisting the Committee will be the following positions:


6. Membership is open to all persons who agree to abide by the organisation rules and directives as promulgated and amended from time to time. As the GMAA is aligned with the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) all members must belong to a MAAA affiliated club.

7. Membership shall not be denied to a person based on discrimination under Australian law, however by majority vote of the core committee a request for membership may be declined should the committee consider that the applicant would not act in the best interests of the GMAA.

8. An applicant whose request for membership has been declined, may formally request the Committee to reconsider the membership application. In such event the applicant shall be provided with the opportunity to present evidence as to why they should be reconsidered for membership. The Committee shall take this response into consideration when reconsidering the applicants suitability and make a final ruling.


9. The GMAA will charge a minimal annual fee for membership which shall be used to assist with the running of the organisation and organising events. It is anticipated that most revenue shall be gained from flying events held throughout the year. Model Constraints

10. The GMAA is all about the building and flying of large models, of all types, that are not the everyday flyers that you would see on any given club day. As such a set of minimum requirements have been developed to regulate what is considered suitable to fly at a GMAA event. As there are always exceptions to the rule if a member considers that their model meets the intent of the GMAA they may request a ruling from the Regulations Officer as to the suitability.

11. General guidelines for minimum requirements include:

Pilot Proficiency

12. All pilots wishing to fly at GMAA events must hold a minimum of Gold Wings. As most events are open to the public where Gold Wings proficiency is mandatory it reasonable to expect that all members hold this proficiency. The GMAA believes that it should not be up to the event director to accept the responsibility for a member’s competence by deeming them to a Gold Wings standard.


13. It is planned for 4 events to be run annually at varying locations as advised by the organising committee. These events are designed as public events to raise profits for the supporting clubs and he GMAA whilst also raising the profile of the sport and demonstrating the skill and expertise of experienced modellers of larger aircraft.